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Learn How to Build a Web Site - Step by Step

Expression Web 4, HTML5, Dreamweaver, CSS, Word Press - And More to Come...

Learn how to Design your own Web Site using Adobe Dreamweaver or Microsoft Expression Web. All classes & Lessons are step by step, easy to understand, and effective.

I have moved all of my classes to a new platform that is more user-friendly.  All Lessons can now be viewed on ANY device... Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop.

Expression Web 4 Online Class - Self Pace

WordPress is FREE

The Expression Web 4 Online Class above is Perfect for those using FrontPage and need to move on to Expression Web 4. 
The class teaches absolute beginners how to use CSS to build a Web Site.

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Getting Started Checklist & Guide for Expression Web 4 Beginners

The Quick Start Guide is a Series of Steps, like a checklist, that will help you set up your web site with the correct files in Expression Web. Start with Step 1, and at the bottom of each page is an arrow that is linked to the next step. Just follow all the arrows until you have completed setting up your site.

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HTML & CSS - Building Blocks of the Web

Learning some basic HTML and CSS will take you a long way.  CSS is not as hard to learn as some folks make you believe.  It is used simply to control the appearance of our web pages.  And it makes your designing life so much more efficient and less frustrating as compared to table-based layouts.

HTML - Used to Structure the Web Page and its Content

CSS - Used to control the Presentation and Appearance of HTML elements.

This separation of Content from Presentation has many advantages.  But basically, it makes creating and maintaining web sites much easier.  And I can prove it to you.  Just go try to update a site made with tables.  Those darn tables break so easily and what you thought was a 5 minute update turns into hours worth of headaches.

CSS can completely eliminate that problem of breaking tables.  With CSS, you can easily update the appearance of your site without touching anything on the page.  The HTML is completely left alone.  Likewise, if you want to edit the content on your pages, you can do so without toying with the appearance.  Believe me, this makes a world of difference and will save you from unnecessary frustrations.

CSS is also a Web Standard.  Sites built according to the current Web Standards (Recommendations) will do better in the Search Engines.  If your site does well in the search engines, this results in more traffic to your site.  This is free (organic) traffic!  More traffic usually generates more revenue.  More revenue makes us happy!!  Saving money is also a very good thing.  The more free traffic you get, the less you need to spend on advertising.  Again, the bottom line is greatly improved.


HTML5 Tutorials

HTML5 Overview

HTML5 Structural Elements (New Tags)

HTML5 DVDS for Beginners

Learn CSS - Designing Web Pages

Cascading Style Sheets for Beginners

Learn CSS & HTML  HTML and CSS is where we really get into constructing and styling web pages.  Several articles/tutorials are included for your edification.  Don't skip this stuff!  None of it is very difficult.  But it does contain info you need to learn, and you will do so in the context of Expression Web.

Expression Web makes learning CSS and HTML so much easier.  So, please don't listen to those telling you there's a long learning curve.  Any Beginner can learn enough CSS to make superb web sites. 

FrontPage to Expression Web: 
Start Over from Scratch?

I have many customers who have used Frontpage in the past and now find themselves having to learn Expression  Web because FrontPage Server Extensions are being phased out.  Their first question is usually, "Should I Start Over from Scratch and Re-Design my current Site?".

My answer for 99.9% of folks asking this question is, "Yes".  "It is a good idea to just Re-Design Your Site in Expression Web, rather than attempt to 'convert' or 'transition' an existing FP site.

Keep Reading to Find out Why.....