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Step 6:  Designing the Web Page

The Layout & CSS Positioning

I get this question all the time....Yes, I made this web site using Expression Web 4.  And you can learn to do the same!

Once you have your new web site all set up and ready to go, what do you do next?

Ideally you will have already done some planning and possibly sketching some layouts.  Maybe you know exactly what you want to create, but just don't know how to create it.

In reality, it's tough to design web pages unless you know what you want to put on those web pages.  So it really begins with your content. 

Since Content is the most important asset of a web page, it only makes sense to "Design Your Content" and not your web pages.  This means your focus is on your content and how to best present that content to your viewers.

The Layout

A Layout is a set of boxes that are positioned in rows and/or columns.  You will place your content in these boxes.


The Layout Above illustrates the use of div tags.  Each div tag created a box.  Those boxes are positioned in such a way to create the layout you see here. 


 Learning How to Design Web Pages 


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